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Steve Chodash
Course Mentor



If you're reading this, it is because you are either signed up or thinking about taking Wood Badge.

I'm impressed. You are actually checking out the website. Not only that but you are reading the staff bios and didn't fall asleep after the first couple. So here's the deal, most of the staff writes the standard stuff: I've been in the program forever. My kid is an Eagle, I'm an Eagle, my brothers are Eagles, my dad was an Eagle Scout and his Scoutmaster was James E. West (bonus points awarded for those of you who Google James E. West). I volunteer for lots of stuff and I've earned lots of awards. I am a good old Antelope, Buffalo, (fill in the blank of another critter). And of course WOOD BADGE IS THE BEST

Not me though. I write the truth. SCOUTING TAKES UP MORE THAN ONE HOUR A WEEK! I used to be just like you, a simple parent with two kids that wanted to join Cub Scouts. Somehow I became a Den Leader. That led to becoming the Cubmaster which became an Assistant Scoutmaster as my boys got older. I took the Wood Badge Class in 2000 then I became the Scoutmaster of my boy's troop and then after my boys graduated from scouting and I thought my volunteering days were over. Since then I became a Unit Commissioner, an Assistant District Commissioner and now I serve as the District Commissioner for the Aptakisic district. I've also been staff on Wood Badge eight times!! The TRUTH is that being a scout leader is a big commitment and a lot of work Taking Wood Badge is also a big commitment and a lot of work. But it is also educational, enlightening, and enabling. It is also a lot of FUN. It will make the "one hour a week" you spend on scouting a whole lot easier.

P.S. I'm a Good Ole Owl

Dan Kublank
Course Director 

Hello my friends, 


I am honored to be chosen to be your Course Director for the 2020 Wood Badge Program. It will be a new course run over five days (not 6) and I promise you will have fun and learn more than you imagined you could. We model a program started by Baden Powell back in 1919 and have honed it over the years to our current mountaintop experience of leadership training.

No matter if you are new in Scouting or an "Old Salt", I truly believe you will find something to take home from Wood Badge that will fire you up for Scouting. Our program guides you from your first day as a Cub Scout all the way through the Scouting program. Don't be the one who says "I should have done this sooner". Believe me when I say that I hear that all the time.

I would like to offer you a challenge.

I challenge each and every one of you to take Wood Badge in 2020 and put a fire back into yourself and back into Scouting.
I challenge you to help change lives in impactful ways.
I challenge you to include diversity and inclusion in your program.
I challenge you to experience what the Wood Badge program has to offer you in Scouting, work life and most importantly, your family life.
I challenge you to Lead by Example and to have 2020 Vision for your future.

What challenge would be complete without this one;    I double-dog-dare you to not come out completely changed after experiencing the 2020 Wood Badge program.

See you at Gilwell!




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